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Oil temperature table

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

4 Burner Induction cooktop
Schönes Bauen® VIER

Have you ever wondered what is the right temperature to cook oil?

It often happens that when cooking the oil it burns due to the excess heat that is applied to it, when the oil burns it produces toxic gases and substances that contaminate food and that ultimately cause damage to our body.

Controlling the temperature of the oil can become a complicated process in gas stoves, among many reasons because gas stoves do not have a thermometer and because the flames fluctuate making the temperature not constant.

Cooking oil at temperatures below 180C° is also a problem, since the food will absorb a lot of fat, so one of the main advantages of Schönes Bauen induction stoves is that they have a touch panel that allows you to set the exact temperature.

To prevent the oil from burning or cooking at a very low temperature, Schönes Bauen shares the appropriate temperatures for each type of oil:

Temperatura ideal para el Aceite Schönes Bauen

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