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Magnetic Induction Grills: Safe for Health?

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

When cooking with a magnetic induction grill, a type of electric cooking is used that uses magnetic coils to directly heat cookware placed on the induction unit (pots, griddles, frying pans). That is, the surface of the stove itself does not heat up. Induction cooktops are often used in commercial kitchens and restaurants because they cook food faster than regular electric or gas stoves, as well as significantly lower costs, since only the pan and the food are heated, avoiding waste. of energy and this helps the kitchen stay cool.

Schönes Bauen Champagne

Induction grills are very safe, more so than gas stoves and electric resistance stoves. The risk, if any, would be related to a high-frequency magnetic field, but magnetic induction cooktops emit very low-frequency waves and our Schönes Bauen induction cooktops are no exception.

The intensity of these magnetic fields is very slight and their waves dissipate a few centimeters away from the emission source. There is no evidence that magnetic induction cooktops may pose a health risk. It is highly unlikely that exposure to such low levels of a magnetic field would result in any health effects.

Are there risks to cardiac implants?

Studies have been conducted to determine the safety of induction cooktops for those with implanted pacemakers or defibrillators. These studies indicate that no risks or interferences have been found in pacemakers due to induction stoves, but in this case it is always recommended to follow the recommendations of the cardiologist.

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