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Fried foods and fat absorption

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

In the kitchen there are many cooking techniques but, undoubtedly, one of the favorites is frying: the current lifestyle has led us to consume a fairly high percentage of fried foods due to their easy and quick preparation.

It is no secret to anyone that fried food occupies a main role in the diet of many people, from French fries, to chicken, empanadas, quesadillas, croquettes and many more dishes.

One of the qualities of this type of preparation is that they require a few minutes to prepare and, therefore, are offered as an alternative for those who have limited time at lunch and dinner.

One of the main problems with fried food is that the fat that food absorbs causes problems in our body, triggering, among many other problems, cholesterol increases that are directly related to heart disease and being overweight.

As consumers, many of us seek to reduce the consumption of fats and the absorption of oils in food. One of the main drawbacks when cooking with oil is that the food ends up absorbing a large amount of fat. To avoid absorption, it is best to cook food under a constant temperature, something that is very difficult on gas stoves since the fluctuation of the flames does not allow the pan to heat in a uniform way and there is no easy way to know what is the temperature in which it is cooking.

Magnetic induction grills solve this problem by having a touch control panel that allows us to set the exact temperature and the desired cooking time, in addition to the fact that induction stoves, by uniformly transmitting energy to the pan, prevent some Parts of the food are fried more than others, cooking them faster and reducing fat absorption.

The ideal temperature for frying is 180°C, this temperature helps to cook evenly, quickly and the food will maintain an ideal flavor and consistency.

For example, if you fry a piece of chicken at low temperature in oil, it will accumulate more fat, since it will not really be cooking, it is just floating in oil and if you cook it at a very high temperature its surface will burn, leaving its interior raw. .

If the frying is at home, it should be ensured that the cooking does not last more than 15 minutes, the ideal time is 5-10 minutes.

When the frying is submerging the food in oil, try to use an adequate amount so that the frying is faster, it is recommended that you cover the food.

Do not reuse the oil, since overheating is the cause of increasing trans fats, which have been related to the development of cardiovascular diseases and lastly, try to consume fried foods immediately, since if you let them cool, the oil will permeate the inside of the food.

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