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Advantages of 220v connection induction stoves

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

To understand why an induction stove with a 220v connection is better for 4 burners, we first have to know the difference between 110v and 220v connections.

The energy consumption of the devices is measured by Watt or Watt, the electric companies measure the consumption by the amount of Watts that the equipment consumes per hour.

Placed in the context of the consumption of 2 magnetic induction grills with 4 burners and both occupy a power of 3000watts, one of 110v and the other of 220v, both will generate the same amount of power regardless of whether their connection is 110v or 220v, only the 110v is more expensive.

Having a 220v stove is cheaper than adding more load to a 110v connection is a better option, in addition to a lower amp draw.

Amperage is a unit that measures the intensity of the current. When a piece of equipment has less voltage at its disposal, for example a 110v connection compared to a 220v outlet, it needs to compensate for the lack of watts by consuming more energy than amps.

The 110v induction stove with a power of 3000w would consume 27.2Amp, while the 220v stove that also consumes 3000w will be consuming 12.3Amp, this is where there is a difference in consumption.

The advantages of a 220v induction stove lie mainly in the savings, this prevents it from overloading the connection line that could overheat and damage other electrical equipment or damage the tablets, in addition to the fact that the electricity rates for 220v are cheaper than the 110v rates and allows you to use several connected devices at the same time without the problem of overloading the connection. Therefore, having your stove in 220v you can use other equipment at the same time without risk.

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