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There are 3 technologies for built-in cooktops in the kitchen, these are Radians, Halogens and Magnetic Induction Cooktops. On the outside they all look the same, but their operation is different: while those of Halogen and Radians work as resistances where ceramic glass is heated and this heat is transferred to the pan, Induction technology works with a more advanced and surprising principle.

Induction stoves do not heat themselves, as they are not generating heat. What they do is that through an invisible magnetic induction field they cause the pan or pot to generate its own heat by stirring electrons, which is why the “flame” is the very pan or pot and therefore it heats up faster, without loss of energy and with precise temperature control.



The cooktop has four Induction Zones, in two different diameters: 2x Regular zones: 16 cm /6.3 inches (rear left and front right). 2x Boost zones: 18 cm (front left and rear right). This distribution allows you to fit two big and two small pans or pots to take advantage of the space on your cooktop.

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Anti-Thermal Shock Black Glass surface with a sleek, elegant design also meant to be durable and easy to clean. Enjoy cooking in style with a beautiful cooktop that can endure the test of time, and helps you avoid long cleaning sessions with its smooth surface. Spend your spare time in other activities!



Water resistant, with timer and lock functions, to keep you and your loved ones safe. Take precise control of your preparations using the timer, which allows you to focus on other tasks at the same time you are cooking (from 1 to 99 minutes), and you can also set the lock function to avoid involuntary changes to your settings.

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